SYNC: Sexual Health for Youth in Care

The Why...

Why is SYNC so important?

Children’s Home Society (CHS) is now offering the new and innovative SYNC (Sexual Health for Youth in Care) program with the goal of providing FREE sexual health education for both out-of-home teens and the professionals who work with them.

With Health Education Trainers across the state, SYNC utilizes evidence-based approaches that have been proven to reduce the prevalence of teen pregnancy, unhealthy relationships, and STI/STDs, while increasing self awareness and empowering decision making – all needs that are more prevalent with youth in care.

How Can We Help?

Youth in out-of-home care have higher rates of pregnancy, STIs, and associated sexual risk behaviors than youth living with their families. They are more likely to experience sexual violence and exploitation. Teen girls in foster care are two-and-a-half times more likely to get pregnant, while more than half of both teen girls and boys who age out of care or extend their time in care will have children before they turn 20.

Teen Support & Resources

In addition to the resources found within this website, SYNC trainers conduct educational sessions for young people ages 12-18 to reinforce self-respect and respect for others, clear up misinformation about sex, discuss healthy relationships, teach how to avoid unplanned pregnancies and STIs, and identify and discuss future dreams and goals.

Professional Partnerships

SYNC trainers offer free staff development workshops on a variety of topics that are relevant to those who work with youth in out of home care. This audiences include DSS staff, LINKS coordinators, foster and kinship care, and a variety of other organizations. In addition, CEUs are available for some trainings.

What is Making Proud Choices?

MPC helps young people: Increase their knowledge of HIV, other STDs and pregnancy prevention.

Why use MPC?

MPC is on the Office of Adolescent Health’s list of approved evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs.

Clinic Locator

Find the most current teen pregnancy and adolescent health data for your county, plus links to local resources.
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